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With a quick switch between multiple pallets, FlashKut auto exchanger series is the best for time saving with high and multiple cutting demands. Compact layout with dual usage. The auto exchanger model comes with two pallets. When one pallet is used for continuous production, at the same time loading and unloading of metal sheets happen on the other.

The heavy-duty frame structure with the large-scale milling of the guide rail seat and the design of the hollow bed body provides good rigidity and high strength, and can effectively reduce thermal effects and isolate heat.

The gantry designed by light mechanics is made of aviation aluminum material, which provides stable operation under rigorous conditions.

Technical Specifications

Processing Area 3000mm x 1500 mm (Customisable)
Maximum Speed 100m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1.5G
X/Y Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Laser Power Upto 20KW
Max Loading Weight 1500kg
Transmission Dual drive + Gear


  • Intelligent feedback device with a digital signal processing controller, which can be adjusted for different load conditions, stable operation, low maintenance cost, and fast response speed.
  • Driven by high precision rack and pinion and ball screw, high stability and Burr relieved cutting.
  • Heavy duty structure which is built for stable operation and long life.
  • Comprehensive safety interlocking and alarm functions to reduce potential safety hazards.
  • Integrated electrical cabinet design, easy to install and move, and effectively save space.
  • The design of the upper and lower worktables is more scientific, and the distance is larger than other worktables on the market, which is convenient for thick plate cutting.
  • Auto Exchanger provides flexibility of Loading and Unloading without stopping the production.