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FlashWeld – CRX Series from LIGHT MECHANICS is a fully automated turnkey laser welding system designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of welding cylindrical cells on the same side. The machine is completely automated, making the welding process more efficient, fast, and streamlined to weld +ve (center) and –ve (shoulder) on the top of 18650 and 21700 cylindrical battery packs. The machine is integrated with high end vision systems which ensures correct positioning of the current collector on the shoulder of the cylindrical cells. High end lasers and optics provides high quality and strong weld joints.

Benefits of Flashweld- CRX

  • Fully-Automated with easy loading and unloading
  • High-end vision system to detect correct positions
  • Auto adjustment of focal length for height variation
  • Integrated Scara Robots for press and weld mechanism
  • In-line weld monitoring to check weld depth penetration
  • Post-weld surface inspection
  • High precision and High speed welding process
  • Ability to weld dissimilar metals
  • Easy-to-use for user-friendly operation


Types of cells Cylindrical- 21700, 18650
Materials Nickel, Aluminium,Hilumin, Copper, Stainless steel
Weld Pattern Circle, Square, Arc,Line,Multiple
Laser Power 1000-2000W Single Mode / 2000W Dual Mode Beam
Laser type Fiber Laser
Laser wavelength 1060nm
Welding area 600mm x 400mmx300mm
Gantry XYZ hi-Speed Gantry
Processing optics Scanner
Scara robots 2 units
Communications Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT
Control System Motion Controlled and PLC Controlled
Accuracy & Repeatability +- 0.1mm
Input Voltage 400 V
Enclosure Class 1 safety enclosure
Weight of Machine 3.5 tons
Accessories Chiller, Fume Extractor