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Lasers can cut many types of ceramic materials. The most common is alumina silicate (Al2SiO5), which requires either full ablation or the scribe and break technique. Laser scribing is a non-contact process which eliminates any kind of mechanical stress on parts to be scribed and requires no part replacement unlike diamond saw.

The Laser Ceramic Scribing Machine from Light Mechanics “flashscribe” is equipped with high speed galvanometer for faster scribing of Ceramic Alumina providing smooth edge finish in minimal processing time.

It enables precise control as lasers are focused and provides localized energy necessary for achieving narrow and smooth edges.

The machine requires no consumables or disposables and can be easily integrated into production lines capable of 24/7 production.

Light Mechanics “flashscribe” is a Durable, Sturdy and Robust laser scribing machine with high quality lasers made to outlast competition manufactured as per International standards.