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To make tyres more resistant to punchers, manufacturers use self-sealing materials to heal punchers. For adhesive bonding process the tyre has to be clean. Laser cleaning removes release agents, oils and contaminants from the inside surface of a tire. By using laser ablation, such unwanted coatings can be efficiently removed without damaging the underlying tire. The resulting surface is perfectly clean and prepared for adhesive bonding processes.

Laser tyre cleaning

To decrease the inner linear surface of the tyre for the adhesive treatment. Fiber laser can be used to clean the surface which ensures it decreased the tyre up to the required mark and done without using additional solvents or chemicals in the process. Laser cleaning would be economical and eco-friendly with consistency and reliability. And this process also provides the flexibility to the system with selective processing capabilities. This operation is safe and takes up less footprint then industrial wet washing machine.


  • Repeatability – Laser systems provide the consistency needed for a safety critical bond

  • Selective processing – Only desired areas are cleaned

  • Compact footprint – Lasers require appx. 25% of the footprint of an industrial wet washing machine

  • Dry process – No need to collect and recycle large amounts of contaminated water