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Lasers are renowned for their versatility in the manufacturing industry with laser marking being one of the most popular laser application. It can be used to create permanent, crisp, non-erasable marks on a variety of substrates like metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, metals, LEDs, rubber, composites etc.

A variety of Product Identification, Traceability, Industry compliance standards like Bar codes, date codes, QR codes, serial numbers, part numbers, copyright/trademarks, logos, best before date, due dates etc. needs to be permanently marked on industrial components.

Our “flashmark” Laser Marking Series is a one stop solution for all kinds of Industrial End to End Laser Marking Solutions for all your traceability requirements and can be easily integrated into the production lines. Options such as 3D marking, rotary units with variable sizes, camera systems, fume extractor and client-specific requirements turn our standardized machines into tailor-made customized solutions providing solutions for the following:

  • Marking – Permanent, Legible and Durable Marking systems that withstands Time Test and Harsh External Conditions
  • Verification – Ensures standard code quality
  • Reading – Reading codes accurately
  • Communication – Efficient Communication with Data Management Systems

We have four different models of laser marking solutions with the most advanced technology to suit the varied needs of our clients.


Material Fiber Laser UV Laser CO2 Laser
Metals Y    
ABS Plastic, PVC     Y
PP, PBT, PO, PU     Y
HDPE, PE   Y  
Plexi Glass, Acrylic   Y  
Wood   Y  
Ceramic     Y
Leather, Fabric   Y  
Crystals, Stones     Y
Silicon Wafer, Semiconductor, PCB Y    
Mylon, Delrin     Y