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FlashWeld - TM Series from LIGHT MECHANICS are the most precise and reliable Laser Welding systems tailor-made for processing welding of different variety of metal tapes with varying width and thicknesses. These machines have the ability to weld thin and thick alloys, coated and uncoated metal tapes, coils and large sheets in a fully automated cutting, positioning and butt welding process.

Machine specifications

Tape Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Composites, Alloys of Al, Cr, Ni, Ti, Electric Steel etc.

  • Tape/Coil Width: 20mm to 1400mm
  • Tape/Coil Thickness: 0.05mm to 2mmSS, 0.10-2mm Al, 0.10-1mm Cu
  • Laser Power: 500W to 2KW
  • Weld Pattern: Straight Line and CrossWelds

Special features

  • 1. Compact machines with minimal footprint
  • Capable of butt welding alloy tapes/coils up to a width of 1400 mm.
  • Ability to process the widest range of materials with thickness starting from 0.05mm
  • Precise mechanical guiding and automatic aligning of metal tapes
  • Rapid, hands-free cutting, welding and flattening of the tapes
  • Integrated with weld-seam flattening roller to eliminate or minimize weld bulge
  • Use of same laser for both cutting and welding to cover a range of alloy materials and thicknesses to meet customer needs and requirements
  • Air-cooled lasers eliminates the use of chillers for cooling
  • Automated Alloy tape In-feed and out-feed with accurate positioning
  • High quality and repeatable butt welds
  • Plug and Play system makes it very easy to operate
  • No pre and post processing required
  • Tailor-made for 24/7 continuous production
  • User friendly touch panel with menu guided system for easy rapid establishment of new weld recipes
  • Easy evacuation of trim waste
  • In-line weld seam detection (Optional)
  • Option for shield-gas to eliminate any chances of oxidation during cutting and welding (Optional)
  • Fume Extractor to avoid dust ingress and protection of weld optics (Optional)
  • RFID Recognition Badge / Industry 4.0 Ready (Optional)
  • QR/Barcode Reader for recipe identification (Optional)