Product Info:

The flashWeld Handheld Laser Welding Machine combines the fundamental qualities of an ultra-portable system with superior technology and performance. This machine is a complete power packed system with a hassle-free and compact structure which can be easily moved around the work floor in various industries. It serves as a perfect fit for welding small, big and all kinds of complex components. This handheld laser welding comes with wire feeder and wobble head especially suited for industries like Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing, Home Appliances, Medical Equipments, Aerospace, Ship Building, Furniture and Sheet Metal Fabrication.


  • No consumables
  • High Quality Weld Seam
  • Excellent Weld Strength
  • No weld Scars
  • No deformation
  • No discoloration
  • Easy to operate, easy to learn, quick to start
  • Low power consumption
Laser Wave Length 1064 nm
Mode of Operation Continuous / Pulsed
Wall – Plug Efficiency >40%
Laser Power Upto 2 kw
Out Power Turning Range 10 – 100%
Emission Modulation Upto 5khz
Operation Voltage Single phase (A.C) (230V- 50Hz)