The “flashClean” Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine combines the fundamental qualities of an ultra-portable system tailor-made to clean metal surfaces. This machine is a complete power packed system with a hassle-free and compact structure which can be easily moved around the work floor in various industries. It serves as a perfect fit for cleaning small and big components with ease. High cleaning speed and no consumables makes it ideal choice in many industries. Cleaning and removal of rust, contaminants, oxides, debris from the surface can be realized without affecting the surface quality of the substrate. The “flashClean” series comes with various cleaning modes along with flexible and user friendly control.


  • High power fiber laser cleaning machine
  • Non-contact cleaning causing no damage to work-piece
  • Precise positioning and selective cleaning
  • No consumables
  • Safe & environment-friendly
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Highly efficient cleaning
  • No maintenance required


  • Rust removal from metal surface
  • Paint removal from metal surface
  • Cleaning of oil and grease from metal surface
  • Welding/Coating surface pre-treatment
  • Stone figure surface cleaning
  • Mold residue cleaning